Pam Karll

Pam and her husband, Bob moved to Naples in 2005. They are avid boaters and were introduced to Freedom Waters Foundation shortly after moving here and Pam quickly and still often says, “you mean all I have to do is take people for a boat ride? That’s easy.” And, she and Bob have been doing so ever since.

Pam sees the joy that the time on the water brings to others and she is committed to making that happen for as many people as she can.

Pam and Bob have been chairmen of Freedom Waters Foundation’s major fundraiser, the Kind Mariners Ball for 2020-2022.

Pam joined the Board of Directors in 2021.

Pam retired six years ago, having worked as a software contractor and then a Business Analyst. She is delighted to be putting her talents to work for Freedom Waters Foundation and all we serve.

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Picture of Pam Karll