Andrew Cilla

In 1972, Andrew graduated from college with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. He began his career in marketing for a boat manufacturing company.

In 1976, he joined Luke Brown Yachts. A year later the owner of Luke Brown Yachts advised his brokers that he was closing the doors, due to a lack of profit. Seeing the potential, Andrew acquired the firm and assumed the role of President. Through hard work, dedication to his clients and brokers, and a commitment to integrity, Andrew has led Luke Brown Yachts to turn a profit every year since his ownership.

Andrew’s success is due, in part, to his wealth of experience in the boating and yachting industries. With over forty-five years as a yacht broker and thirty-eight as the owner of a major yacht brokerage firm, there are few, if any active brokers, who have more experience.

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Picture of Andrew Cilla