Ronald McTighe

As a youngster, Ron ran everything from a 9’ Johnboat to a 90’ yacht. He ran a thriving live-bait business during his high school years which had him catching bait in the wee hours to sell to local fishermen, and often spending his days aboard those very fishing vessels helping guests catch fish using that same bait! He began detailing boats and doing repairs, and his high energy, attention to detail and desire to make his customers happy, caught the attention of an industry veteran and landed him the job of leading the service team of a large European boat company in the USA. Soon after, Ron was asked to become involved in sales and was significantly responsible for the growth in sales of European cruising yachts in the US. He continues to work side by side with these customers and repeat clients today.

Ron has one goal for his customers: HAVE FUN! Too often the joy of boating is lost in the sales process and Ron wants to get it back. His vast knowledge of systems, safety and operations are a great help to any Buyer. He knows that boating is a lifestyle choice and works hard to keep customers happy and “in love” with their boats. The proud father of three and married to his lifetime love, Ron continues to live in Fort Lauderdale, passing his love of the sea along to his kids.

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Picture of Ronald McTighe