Making Waves in Positive Ways! – August 4, 2020

Making Smiles and Connections on and off the Water!

Freedom Waters Foundation Weller Day Boat Outings are Happening.

Masks and sanitizer is available on all our trips. And, we are, at this time, just taking small groups out.

Take a look at these happy faces!

Veterans dodged the rain on July 12, 2020 out with Captain Jack Stroube – Click here for more photos

Family Fun out on the water  July 18, 2020 – New Captain (the Gormans) and family join with others – More photos here!

Thank you Peter and Kathleen Wasmer for making a special day happen for this family – 8/1/2020 – More photos to come on facebook soon!

Riley, Ronan and Stacie out with Captain Rocky – in Ft. Myers July 28, 2020 – More Photos here! 

And, off the water – we are Zooming and Planning!

Zoom with us every Wednesday at 3 pm. – Click to join here! 

The link is the same each week! Please join us, just to share and connect.

Planning ahead…

FWF Board of Directors is having a Strategic Planning Meeting – Saturday, August 8!

Looking forward to the future and making the most out of the present!

Together, we Make it Happen!  Freedom Waters Foundation’s Family!

Thank you to all our supporters, boat captains, and volunteers in and out of the office!


Interested in joining our team? Contact Us today and start making a difference!