Robin Meagher

Most recently, she hails from The Triton yachting magazine for professional yacht captains and crew in charge of Operations as well as Sales and Marketing.

A 23-year resident of Florida, Robin ran her own consulting business for marketing, communications and event management, and served as Assistant Executive Director and Communications Director for the Builders Association of South Florida before managing accounting and human resources for a local marine business.  She began her career on the legislative staff of U.S. Congressmen from Texas and Tennessee.

Her love for the ocean stems from her childhood on the Texas Gulf Coast fishing and boating with her family, and sailing at summer camp.  Now, her children sail competitively while she lends her experience to numerous regatta race committees.

Robin also serves on the Board of Directors of the Lauderdale Yacht Club Youth Sailing Foundation, dedicated to favorably impacting the lives of young people, using sailing as a vehicle to teach boating, weather, marine safety, sea conditions, maritime ‘rules of the road’, racing, tactics, first aid and improve spatial and mathematical skills.  She looks forward to utilizing her skills and connections to grow Freedom Waters Foundation in southeast Florida.

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Picture of Robin Meagher