Freedom Waters Foundation

Allowing individuals, whose lives are
full of therapy and work, to be free

2022 impact report

Making a difference where it counts the most.

Mission: Enhancing the lives of children, individuals with special needs, and veterans by providing therapeutic boat experiences.

Our Family

Our family of participants, volunteers, boat owners and donors, together, are the change we make in the lives of one another, every day.

Reaching Out

There are several ways to get involved, from Weller Day Boat Outings to events honoring our veterans.

The Gift of Giving

Donating is easy. Options include online donations, monthly giving, fundraisers, gift card programs and more.

Treasure is a precious find, but Treasured Friends are more valuable than gold!

Treasured Friends are the riches we seek. Your love and support are the prizes we cherish most.

Help us fill our treasure chest with a monthly gift so we can continuously share our good fortune with others.

Freedom and Happy gratefully welcome you to become Treasured Friends by pledging a monthly donation to Freedom Waters Foundation.

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